Monday, April 30, 2007

Some Web Sites

Ok, so, I have been slowly getting some web sites working in the background. Here they are!

This is where people can talk about all aspects of Universe, UniverseCore (including UniverseHTTP*), UniverseAPI* and PalmOS-WebKit.

PalmOS-WebKit SVN
This is where the current sources for the PalmOS WebKit port reside. At the moment it is just the ToT (Tip of Tree) for WebKit ( There is no actual ported code in there since I just committed it.

This is the project page (and SVN repo) for UniverseCore. Mostly the SVN will sit here. Information on UniverseCore will reside at

Information on where to report bugs will be posted later.
NOTE:Bugs for the previous version of Universe will not be accepted since the core is being re-written.

*More on these later.


Blogger Nerd Progre said...

Three months later, there's nothing on SVN.

I hope you keep your promise and keep Universe open source.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Donald C. Kirker said...

WebKit is very large. I have not had the time to port it.

Writing a complete core from the ground up is a very long process. There is a lot in the SVN repo for UniverseCore.

As for the actual browser application, it will not be open source. I never made a promise for the new application. The only promises that I made were to the source code for UniverseCore and the PalmOS WebKit port (which is on hold for now).

"Universe v.3.0" had to be open source because it was based on the old WAPUniverse source code. None of that code exists in the current browser.

I cannot comment about what may happen in the future.

1:14 AM  

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